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How is Juico any different than other juices in the market?

Other “freshly squeezed” juices in the market, even if they are not from concentrate and do not contain any preservatives, are pasteurized to increase their shelf life. Pasteurization, unfortunately, kills all the live enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the juices. Juicos are completely raw and cold pressed, and come to your door full of live nutrients.

What is the cold press method?

Our juices are prepared with a special hydrolic press that we have imported. Cold press method is slower than regular centrifugal or even slow juicers but it is essential as the juices prepared with this method end up having 3-5 times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. There is minimal oxidation during cold press which makes it possible for the juices to stay fresh and nutritional for a few days.

What is the difference between juicing and blending?

We love them both! During juicing, the pulp of the fruit and vegetables is removed and all the nutrients are left in the juice. During blending all the pulp remains with the juice.

Juico iletişim bilgilerine nasıl ulaşabilirim?

Juico iletişim bilgileri aşağıda yer almaktadır:

Ticari Ünvan: Dese Gıda Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Tescilli Marka: Juico
Mersis No: 0293048467700011
KEP Adresi:
Adres: Yeşilce Mah. Demirbaş Çıkmazı No:8 Kağıthane / İstanbul
Tel: 0 212 270 9449

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Isn't fiber good for the body?

Yes fiber is very useful for the digestive system to work; however, what we are trying to accomplish with juice cleanse is resting the digestive system. The body consumes a lot of energy while it extracts the nutrients that it needs from fiber which it cannot digest. During juice cleanse, we want the body to use this spare energy for detox and for rebuilding instead.

The Juicos taste so good, is there any sugar in them?

Our products do not include any additional sugar! The only ingredients in the juices are what is written on the bottles. They taste so good because they have gone through multiple iterations of testing for taste and nutritional value. The only sugar they include is the natural sugar found in the fruit and vegetables. Some of our juices like Very Green include no fruit at all so it contains minimum amount of sugar.

Is there any added water in the juices?

Unless it says so on the bottle, no. Cold pressed juices feel watered down because they contain minimum amount of fiber.

How long does the juices last?

Our cold pressed juices keep their nutritional value for up to 3 days after delivery. For Juico Blends and Juico Eats please see the individual product details.

Why does my Juico look different than the time before?

Because the fruit and the vegetable in it is not exactly the same as the time before! The color and taste of fresh produce change as the seasons change. Our Sweet Golden’s color might change from green to yellow and sometimes brownish. Don’t worry it still is very fresh and delicious! Because they contain no preservatives, the juices might separate. Shake well before you drink.

Why don’t you use glass bottles?

Because despite popular opinion, we think it is better for the environment! The plastic we use is easier to recycle. Moreover, because glass bottles are a lot heavier, the energy spent to produce and fuel to deliver those bottles is a lot more than plastic. Also we don’t think you would want to carry around a few of those heavy glass bottles while you cleanse.

How do I store Juico products?

In the fridge! For the juices to keep the maximum of their vitamins, minerals and enzymes it is crucial for them to be kept in the fridge.

Are Juico prodıcts vegan?

Except for a few products that have honey in it, all our products are vegan.

I am lactose intolerant, can I drink Juicos?

Yes our products do not include any dairy.

Are Juico products gluten free?

Our cold pressed juices and blends do not include gluten. For our snacks and eats, it is best to check product details.

I am allergic to cashews, what do I do?

Not a problem. While you form your own cleanse, we recommend you pick another Green in place of White due to Green's protein content.

Do I need to prepare for the cleanse?

Yes, yes, yes. The more you prepare, the easier it will be. You will receive a detailed email about this after your order but if you want to have a sneak peak, please check out our How to section.

How do I use Juico?

Everyone’s body and eating habits are different so this question might have different answers for everyone. It is very important to know what your body needs. 3 day cleanse helps the body get rid of toxins, help lose some weight, and imrove your skin. 5 to 7 day cleanse starts the rebuilding process and strengthens the immune system. 10 or more days of cleanse is recommended for people with chronic disorders, inflammation or for people who need to lose a lot of weight.

I haven't done anything like this, how many days of cleanse should I start with?

We usually recommend 3 days but you can start with 1 or 2 days. Our juice and eats mixed packages go up to 7 days. Please see How To section for more detail.

Would 1 day juice cleanse be beneficial?

Of course. Although we recommend a 3 day cleanse, it might not always be possible to spare 3 days in our busy schedules. During a 1-day cleanse the body eliminates excess water, regains its alkaline balance and floods the system with vitamins, minerals, enzymes.

Which Juico cleanse package should I choose?

They range between 950 – 1450 calories but we don’t think counting calories is the way to go! Our juices contain everything that the body needs and nothing that it doesn’t need. As a result comparing their calories to the calories we get from our regular diet is not fair. Nutritious 300 calories of raw Juico is not the same as 300 calories of ‘simit’ most of which the body will get rid of or store as fat.

How often should I do a juice cleanse?

Depends on your body and needs but it is usually recommended to do a 3 day cleanse every month. For more details please see our How to section.

Who shouldn't do a full day juice cleanse?

Pregnant and nursing women, kids and other people who need a lot more nutrition than normal should not cleanse. However, they can add some Juico to their regular diet for extra vitamins and minerals! We also do not recommend people with diabetes or on blood thinners to cleanse without consulting their doctor. In general, people on prescription medication should not attempt juice cleanse without talking to their doctor first.

Should I cleanse during the week or in the weekend?

Depends on your lifestyle! Some people prefer to cleanse at work, while the mind is full of other things (that are not food related), some people prefer the weekend so they can rest up properly and sleep if they feel like it. There is no right answer but please keep in mind that detox might tire the body so you might

Do I need to finish all the juices?

Please try to. Every Juico serves a purpose during the cleanse and they all have different benefits but it is not the end of the world if you can’t finish some of them.

Does the order matter?

Yes! The order from 1 to 6 or 1 to 8 matters because it is the optimal order that will be easy on the digestive system. However, if you feel like that’s what your body needs, you can sometimes disrupt that order. For example, if you are used to a strong protein breakfast in the morning, you can start with our White juice, and drink the Green last.

Will I get hungry during the cleanse?

Most probably not, but again that depends on your body. Even if you get hungry during the first day, your bod will get accustomed to the new diet in the following days. It is normal to feel hunger, because even though Juico feeds our cells completely, our mind and stomach are used to solid food and will ask for it even though neither really need it.

Can I exercise during juice cleanse?

But of course! A light work out is even helpful in detox. Walking, yoga, pilates are all great activities. Please stay hydrated during your workout! However, more strenuous activities such as running should be avoided as you will burn too many calories.

What can I do to relieve the detox symptoms?

The more your body needs to detox and the faster it detoxes, the more symptoms you will feel. The best way to relieve or reduce them is to hydrate and rest up. Try to drink a big glass of water between every Juico. You can also eat something from our cheat sheet to slow the detox down.

Can I smoke during the cleanse?

We don't recommend you to smoke during the cleanse.

How about sparkling water, coffee, tea? Can I chew gum during the cleanse?

Because caffeine is one of the harmful things we try to get out of the body, we recommend you not to drink any coffee or black tea. But if you have a lot of headache, it is better to drink a small cup of black coffee rather than stopping the cleanse altogether. We don’t recommend mineral water and similar carbonated drinks as they will induce uncessary discomfort in the empty stomach. We also don’t recommend chewing gum during the cleanse since it activates digestive juices and gives a wrong signal to the stomach that there is food coming.

Can I drink anything else on the cleanse?

Yes lots of water! Water will aid the detox and help relieve the detox symptoms. You can also drink as much green tea and herbal tea as you want.

A dinner/lunch program came up on my cleanse day what do I do?

No need to panic, your cleanse isn’t over. If you need to eat, do so with a light salad without any animal protein or with a light vegetable broth and skip the juice that you would have normally had at that time.

How should I eat after the cleanse?

It is really important that you come out of the cleanse slowly. We have outlined a sample menu for you here.

If I place an order now, when do I receive my package?

You choose your own delivery time. Please see Order and Delivery section for more details.

Can I order a single bottle?

Yes you can. Please be aware that we charge 20TL delivery fee for orders below 200TL.

May I give an order for tomorrow?

We have to take all the orders at least 2 days in advance because all the juices are prepared fresh upon ordering.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to almost everywhere in Istanbul. You can check our delivery zones here.

I don’t think I can be at home during the delivery times, what do we do?

Because our juices need to be taken out of their box refregirated as soon as they arrive, there needs to be an adult at home that will receive them. We can also leave the juices to the superintendent, neighbor or the cafe below, but you need to make sure that they will put the juices in the fridge.

If I cannot meet my scheduled delivery, what do we do?

If you and someone else cannot meet the delivery at your scheduled time and address, we bring your package back to our kitchen in Seyrantepe because the juices need to be kept cold at all times. If you wish we can then schedule another delivery for the next delivery time for an additional charge of 80 TL. Otherwise you can come pick them up yourself. Please note that we are not responsible for packages not picked up 24 hours after the initial delivery time.

Something came up, can I cancel my order?

Please let us know at least 2 days in advance and we will reschedule your delivery for a future date. If it is a last minute request, if you call or email us, we will do the best we can, but no promises. Also if you are going to make a change in your delivery address please let us know at least the day before.

How do I make the payment?

Because we produce upon order, we get the payment once the order is placed in. You can pay online by credit card (Mastercard or Visa). If you prefer you can also choose wire transfer option. The system does not accept American Express or debit cards.

Can I come pick up my order myself?

You can buy our products at our kiosk shops in Kanyon, Akasya and Nisantasi. You do not have to order before you get there. You can check our Locations page for additional sale locations.

Do you deliver 5-day or 7-day programs daily or all at once?

We deliver all our 5-day programs in 2 deliveries and 7-day weekly pack in 3 deliveries. You can find all the delivery details on each programs page.

Ice packs in my box have melted during delivery. Should I be worried?

Nope! We put ice packs in the boxes as an extra precaution, especially for cases where the delivery will be made to a doorman, security etc and will need to wait in the open for 1-2 hours. As long as the juices in your box arrive cold, there is no reason to worry. Ice packs are supposed to melt for most deliveries.