Juico Immune

Juico Immune

Protect your body health! Juico Immune contains ginger shots, drinkable vinegars, and juices that will help support your body health. You can boost your immune system and have more control over your daily nutritional routine by incorporating this package to your daily life.

This package is not intended to replace your total daily intake. It is a substitute pack: you can add or substitute the Juicos in the package according to your own need. We have some suggestions for you below.

Total Calories: 404 kcal (Daily average)

362,00 TL

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What's inside?

  • Alkalizer Shot: Apple, Lemon, Ginger

    17 kcal

  • Cold Killer Shot: Ginger, Orange

    23 kcal

  • Red Power - Shot: Ginger, Beet, Apple Vinegar

    15 kcal

  • Pomegranate: Lemon, Carrot, Pomegranate

    250 kcal

  • Yellow: Lemon, Honey, Red Pepper, Turmeric

    110 kcal / 500ml

  • Sweet Yellow: Apple, Pineapple, Mint

    165 kcal

  • Red: Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Carrot, Beet

    195 kcal

  • Chia Red: Apple, Ginger, Beet, Strawberry, Chia, Banana, Grape Seed Oil

    170 kcal

  • Green: Apple, Spinach, Lemon, Kale, Romaine, Parsley, Cucumber, Ginger, Chard

    135 kcal

  • Very Green: Lemon, Cucumber, Kale, Celery Stalk

    65 kcal

  • Green Vinegar: Parsley, Cucumber, Ginger, Apple Vinegar, Celery

    85 kcal

  • Ginger Vinegar: Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Apple Vinegar

    84 kcal

Which Juico Cleanse Is Right For You?

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How To Use

Before Breakfast: Alkalizer
Before Breakfast: Cold Killer
Before Breakfast: Red Power
Snack: Matcha Green
Snack: Yellow
Snack: Sweet Yellow
Lunch: Red
Lunch: Chia Red
Breakfast/Lunch: Green
Breakfast/Lunch: Very Green
With food: Strawberry Water Kefir
With food: Ginger Vinegar